” If you keep your eyes …

” If you turn from evil, keep your eyes focused on Jesus and the word of God, you will never miss the rapture when it comes. For you will be empowered and equipped to overcome circumstances that could, otherwise, defeat you easily. “

The walk with Jesus is always a struggle for most of us but with this blog, I am going to walk with you along the way in this journey.

Sometimes, people will question your righteoussness in every little way they can just to minimize you and make you doubt the power of God in your life. But if you listen to the voice of God, you will have your steps well guarded. I said it before, you cannot outsmart the devil, therefore you must rely on the word of God to lead you each and every day to be successful as a follower of Christ. As it is written, ” Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee away from you.” ( James 4:7 )

Remember now, the two  commandments of the Lord are your best friends, even if you have never seen them, find them, read them and keep them in your heart. in order to make it to heaven, one must have the right kind of understanding which only the right kind of teacher can pass onto you otherwise, you are going most certainly to hell. Now, look at your sins, your evil deeds, your hyppocrisies and all your wrongdoings. They are the only ones that can prevent you from getting in to heaven. I did not make this up, it’s all in the bible, the word of God and that is just the way it is. Choose Jesus now by repenting from your sins and you will be able to partake in the Kingdom of God!

Now, grace  will supply for all of our sins but one must hold onto what it says in Hebrew 12:14,  ” Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord”. That does not mean you have to be perfect, but it means you must seek perfection. God is not a man that he shall lie.

Here is the truth that you are looking for, the truth that your heart is longing for. It is the only truth that can save you and all humanity from Hell. Nothing else.

There is not an angel in the heavens, not a demon under the ski, not a god in the universe that can tell you something other than what I am telling you right now. Jesus is the sole and  only way to reach the Father by salvation from Sins. The proof of that became manifest at the cross of calvary for your salvation and that of the universe.

When you are pushed to do the wong thing by the Devil, call onto Jesus to rescue you. When the Devil says you will be nothing, say ” Jesus is well and alive”. When the devil says ” You are not going to school to succeed” say ” Jesus is well and alive.” Glory to God!

You may hear of famine and rumors about wars and violences in places like Syria,  Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and  all over the world but Jesus is certainly the only one who can help restore order in the world by saving it from sins. This is only gospel that there is, Everything else is illusory and falsehood gospel that lead to self destruction and hell.

Now, if you have read this article and have not yet recognized Jesus-Christ as the Messiah, I urge you to do so now by joining your local church as soon as you can.

Until next time, keep the faith in Jesus Christ!

Jean-Esdrace Charles

Your brother in Christ,


The Holy Bible

The Gideon international



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