People Need The Lord !

” If any man loves not the Lord, let him be A-nath’e-ma, Mar’an-a’tha.”  1 Cor 15: 22

Sins are what put a separation between ourselves and God. Unless the world recognizes those sins and repent from them, its destination is automatically conditioned to self-destruction in hell and by that, I mean complete human destruction with the exception of those who will have believed in Jesus-Christ, the Messiah who had to come as Lord and Savior.

There is nothing you and I can do to stop destruction without rendering sin our worst enemy at best. As a servant of God, it goes against my spiritual ethic to keep my mouth shut when human beings are erring by destroying their own lives because of their reckless behaviors after I have been commanded to preach the word of God. I am not here to please people and make them jump, although I may be tolerant, when they are at the verge of self-destruction and deceit. I am here to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the entire Globe no matter where I am until I die regardless of circumstances. This is my mission and my purpose in life. Here is my dream. No matter what I do, whether I sing, dance, play or whether I become famous or not, whether I have all or nothing, I am all about the glory of God.

Remember, the Devil wants to destroy as many as he can. It is like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour, according to the bible. Looking around you and listen to the news; one mad man was eating another one’s face live in public view without regard to self and others. Can’t you see that people need the Lord? As hard as life may seem to be, nothing is harder than seeing human beings deprived of their senses and reason in a way that leads them to complete self-destruction due to a lack of faith, hope and knowledge of the word of God. Circumstances are too hard to bear but we must learn to live and survive together in Christ by recognizing sins. Obedience to the word of God is sine qua non no matter what one believes in. Ignorance of the word of God most certainly will work against anybody no matter where one lives on the globe.

Jesus was crucified and died for you to have life in him as long as you believe in the word of power and grace, not for you to be crucified for him,  but for you to be preserved from the world according to his prayer and have life abundantly.

I am not offering you to live in fear or in disease or a sense of defeat because we are not defeatable warriors and we are eternally victors. The life I am sharing with you is not about religion. Christianity is almost not a religion anymore, it is a way of life. It’s a journey with God Almighty through Christ.

I know this is a tough truth to understand and to accept without the wisdom of God and the Holy Spirit, trust me, it is not easy for me to sit behind my computer and write what the Lord tells me to say when I have other stuff to take care of. But it is the only wisdom that humanity could ever hear of in the face of all the lies and deceptions that are invading our consciousness to confuse our mind. If you have faith in the word and believe the Holy Spirit, you will partake in the mystery of the Kingdom of God.

Which is easier to say? Tell you that it is ok for you to continue to live in your sins because it feels good and lead you to hell. Well, I would feel that I have betrayed Christ just like Judas did. If it is your choice to live the way you want and die in your sins, it is your choice. I have absolutely nothing against that on a personal basis if that’s how you choose to live your life. But if you would have prefered to know the truth and make better choices, here is the naked truth. Plain and simple. Jesus dies for you to have life and you repent from your sins, you shall have life through Christ.

I was a child, throughout my all my youth,  I used to read Billy Graham’s brochures on a consistent basis. That’s how I began ministry as an evangelist through my local church. I have known many temptations and difficulties and I have come to realized that it was all to teach me to better understand the path of Christ. That’s what I was raised doing among all the voodoo activities surrounding me. I am not going tell you it all green on the road but you can experience abundant joy along the journey no matter what comes your way.

I would rather live with little but have life abundantly to enjoy with my family, my friends according to God’s will. This is real life.

Here again, I am offering you Jesus Christ as the only plan for the Salvation of humanity. If you cast your care on him, he will make you brand new person as he did to me. For the Gospel that I preach is the original one, not a distorted one. I don’t teach distortion.

Until next time, keep the faith with all your might, knowing that the Almighty hands of God are forever with you through it all to carry you!


Jean-Esdrace Charles


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