Wealth and Spirituality: Mutually exclusive or inclusive?

Is wealth and spirituality mutually exclusive?

Alright, the path to spitituality and wealth are mutually exclusive outside of Christ. Either you choose wealth or you choose a healthy life with Jesus-Christ. The wealth outside of Jesus Christ is from Satan and it leads to hell.

All the other paths that promise  you wealth are putting you straight on the path to hell. Remember, Satan does not want to go to hell alone. He will be more than happy to carry you with him. He’s using wealth as a tactic to carry you along with him. And half of you are probably going to die before you obtain any wealth anyway. People don’t just sleep poor and wake up rich. It takes hard work to have wealth.

With Jesus, you have the possibility to go to heaven and also enjoy a good life filled with abundance of wealth when you find favor and grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Now, I have to tell you this: Wealth will not make you happy unless it is acquired through hard work and effort. Even when you work hard for it, you still have to struggle with life to protect it every day. Though it may be useful, it’ not all about wealth. If the wealthiest man in town told his dream, you probably would never walk at night. Many millionaires cannot sleep at night. No drugs in the Pharmacies can help them efficiently enough.

I have been chasing wealth myself, the more I chased it, the more it ran away from me. Stop pursuing wealth to follow Christ. I would rather have little with peace in Christ than to own all the Planet and be able to sleep.

I consider myself as a millionaire in Christ to live in peace regardless of circumstances. Until next time, keep the faith!

Your servant in Christ,

Jean-Esdrace  Charles


About charleywvya

Entrepreneur, Actor, Public Speaker, Singer and Philanthropist
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