” Anything that challeng…

” Anything that challenges the fundamental principles of something has the propensity to cause the colapse of that something by creating something new, which may not always be good “

Here is more of a soci0-religious personal approach and opinion of homosexuality and gay marriage on a biblical perspective. Now, If you hate me because of that, just go ahead and hate God. I don’t do politics, this is the gospel of Jesus-Christ.

In science, when we want to challenge and verify a theory, we may keep the same fundmental principles. It is, therefore, almost impossible one rejection of the theory by randomly changing the fundamental principals. Family is a fundamental entity grounded in the legitimate marriage of a man and a woman.

Homosexuality has been a growing trend in the US and I think it’s getting a little out of hands in terms of the propensity and the consequences of a possible gay marriage in America. I don’t like to write about this issue because it is very sensitive. But when it becomes on the table, one must know what God says about it.

If it was impliedly or expressly legitimate to just walk upon someone else and kill another because we don’t like him, would it be right to do that? Most certainly not. Despite it is against all biblical principles that I know of, I can’t seem to see why, even on a social perspective,  would gay marriage be a legitimate? I cannot find a rightful cause  for gay marriage even on a social perspective.

Anything that challenges the fundamental principles of something has the propensity to cause the colapse of that something by creating something new, which  may not always be good. Unbelievable? Believe it!

My main question here would be, what is the gay community trying to accomplish by pushing for marriage? Anything they need, they need they can get without being married. What social need is gay marriage meeting here in this society? All I see here is rebellion against God, nothing more. Most of the gay people that I know are good, nice and smart people. As I said it before, I admit having a lot of respect, sympathy, amicability and love for the entire gay community and they know it because I am being truthful when I am around them. I have worked with them and have good friends with them. They cannot deny that.  I know many of them don’t like when I say this and would even use their power to retaliate against me, a little man with very little connections like myself, I still don’t find a valid reason to agree with that particular proposal on a biblical perspective and not even on a social perspective. I believe that it is self-destructive to bring the gay community down that path and I don’t think it is ethically the right thing to do due to ies long term propensity. If I were a member of the gay community, I would refuse gay marriage at all costs just out of wisdom. It is challenging the very existence of society and its most fundamental beliefs.

Now, If I did not believe in God, it is possible that I could have a different position. I am a child of God. Therefore I cannot understand any circumstances where I could have a different position. Someone who adopts such a position to accept gay marriage is either an atheist or thinks he’s god or is just not thinking right for a moment.

I believe that the gay and lesbian couples are supposed to be legally protected against any kind of hate crimes, they deserve to be loved, respected just like every other protected group of individuals in society according to the Bible and social principles.

This is just my an opinion as a Christian and as  a member of society. I have said it before and I will say it again.While I personally and obviously don’t have anything against gays as human beings and I also think that God gives them the freedom to do as they please, I dont  think it’s an ideal way of life and therefore I am able to see the reasons to justify gay marriage anywhere on the Planet, not even on the freedom lands of America. While I believe that we must respect beliefs, behaviors, I think we should be expected to live up to ideal standards that define us as social beings.

That’s why the blood of Jesus-Christ offers grace and mercy for those who fall short of those ideal standards defining human beings and society.

Until next time, keep the faith in Jesus-Christ!

Jean-Esdrace Charles



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