Criminal Attack in Colorado Movie Theatre in God’s Perspective

In this day, my thoughts, sympathy and prayers go the famillies affected in this tragic case that brought tears and pain to many of our families in Colorado, as members of the people of God. As a Prophet of Almighty God, I see and understand the effects of these uncontrolled guns in the wrong hands in our communities regardless of race and or ethnic origins and the need for Christ more than ever before. If I am going to church or or to the market, or movie theatre with my family, I want to feel  that I am walking or driving in neighborhoods that I know are safe as a resident regardless of what time it is.

These families are now in grief over the lives of their loved ones as this situation symbolizes the escalating problem of not addressing substantial parenting or environmental issues that had the potential to lead to this shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Freedom is threatened by such a crowd killing even in only one community. The streets of Colorado should remain safe at all times just like any other state in the union and when we look at situations like this, we know there is a necessity to do a lot of work in the lives of our citizens as far as maintaining civility. Gun control must be taken more seriously by our social and political authorities in order to make a real impact on our fellow Citizens and to provide the highest level of security in all the communities throughout the nation. The solution here is not to prevent people from bearing arms but to exert more control on the issuance and maintenance of such a weapon and permit depending on how many and what kind of weapons to allow in respect to personal or business use.

Madness is something that happens in society but we know that it is manageable if we look at the various causes attached to the factors that generate this type of behavior over time. The monitoring of this aspect of life has practically a substantial impact on our ability to encounter eventual situations leading to this crime. As a Christian, I feel a deep responsibility to reach to the those hungry for the Lord while society brings justice to our beloved families touched by this criminality.

As we know, owning a gun is important but it becomes a big spiritual and social concern when those guns fall in the wrong hands to create problems like what we have seen in Colorado. It feels like there is a lack of Christian teachings in the lives of those people out there and we must believe that our legislature will do right things to maintain safety in our lives again. Gun control seems to be the most appropriate response in here to end situations like from occurring in the lives of our fellow Citizens in Colorado.

The Colorado incident is of extreme importance and raises awareness about many underlying issues that we believe could be at the base of such unacceptable behaviors. For example, those that are  to violence should not have access to guns within their hands at all or if they are deprived of mental soundness to think accurately, they should not carry guns. God does not like nor condone violence in any form whatsoever. I believe that is the reason why the Almighty pushes us to write on these issues to let everyone know what God thinks about all this.

“The Dark knight rises” shooting raises questions that require answers to provide long term solutions in our nation. For so long, I have been seeing clues  that were potential factors that could cause these types of things. Because I live among the people and I sense how they feel, their anxieties and their fears, says the Almighty. We know that we need to act according to our conscience of righteousness to create a much safer environment for our people to live and carry out their activities peacefully, despite our differences.

I consider this as a wake up call for policy makers to find the best ways to counterract these situations despite the downward curve of the economy while solutions are found. The Godly perspective always prevails in all these problems despite our calamities. I think it is Godly to impose more gun control and increase public safety near those all areas where high crowds are present. For the rest, only Christ is the answer. Our Christian families need to be very careful and exercisse caution while walking in the streets or going places just lilke everybody else even if we know that the Almighty will always protect us in Christ among every one else.

I am a man of God, a father, a brother, a Citizen, I feel concerned when things like the “Dark Knight rises” shooting take place. This is my personal opinion. God bless  you all abundantly.

The gospel of Jesus-Christ remains the best solution for mankind for the world and no one can deny this. I propose that the Gospel all throughout the United States of America and all around the world again and let God be God.

Truly yours,


Jean-Esdrace Charles

Florida Atlantic University

New Jerusalem Church of God of Orlando

980 North University Dr# 47

Boca Raton, Fl 33431


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